The Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District is committed to preparing all students for college and life by providing a challenging curriculum that connects students’ lives and their future in a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment, ensuring value for residents and homeowners, and being an important part of what makes the Cleveland Heights-University Heights community such a great place to call home. The District serves approximately 6,000 students in seven elementary schools, three middle schools, one high school, an early childhood learning center, and a school for students with emotional needs.

Engaging the Community                                                                                                             The Cleveland Heights-University Heights Board of Education assembled a Citizen’s Committee to review and analyze the existing District facilities needs to determine what options were financially and physically feasible. The committee met over the past year and concluded the District has an urgent need to bring its facilities up to 21st century standards.

Following the work of the Citizens Committee, the Master Planning Team will be reviewing the school facilities with one primary goal in mind—to improve learning. The world into which students will enter is a technologically-driven global playing field and it is highly competitive. Students need to be prepared to be agile and lifelong learners so they are capable of adapting their skills to new and emerging career pathways. This planning process is dedicated to designing educational spaces that enable such goals to succeed.

Critical to the success of the planning process is a rigorous and data-driven public engagement process. All members of the community will be given meaningful opportunities to directly participate in the process of visioning and planning the district-wide master plan. This blog is the first of many tools that will be used to solicit community input including community workshops, focus groups, coffee talks and online surveys.


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Angee Shaker, Director of Communications
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  1. John Hubbard says:

    What company, organization or individual is publishing/moderating this blog? What is your interest in the CH-UH Facilities Master Plan Process?

    • This blog is operated by the CH-UH Facility Master Planning team of Fielding Nair, Fanning Howey, and studioTECHNE, it is the official outlet of information for the master planning project, content is reviewed and approved by the school district through its public relations department. We thank you for your interest and hope you will continue to follow posts and updates.

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