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Angee Shaker, Director of Communications
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2 Responses to Please Provide Feedback in our Online Poll

  1. John Hubbard says:

    Seems to me that this poll is a sad commentary on the level of engagement expected from the community. It serves to illustrate how little the district and it’s designees understand the community they are working in and the importance we place on education. That we have a single choice rather than the ability to rank order suggests that there will be a single driver to the decisions made going forward. While I doubt that is the case, it is troubling to consider the thinking (or lack thereof) that has gone into this exercise.

    Here’s my vote (which won’t fit in the “Other” space provided:
    Using research about learning, the brain, and physiological development to design facilities that actually facilitate learning regardless of changing district leadership and priorities.

    • This poll is one of many tools the district is using, including large group and small group meetings, teacher and student meetings, and meetings with the many groups and organizations that comprise Cleveland Heights. The poll is not intended to be the sole driver of preference for this project just one opportunity. We hope you will become actively involved at the next community meeting January 11th and the many follow up meetings that will occur. The reason the district chose this master planning team is the specific reason you elicit. The master planning team is not made up of just architects and planners, but also educators providing research into appropriate learning environments based on cognitive development principles.

      Thank you for your feedback,

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