Setting Priorities

Students develop their ideas for Community Schools

The first Community Meeting in the master planning process provided the opportunity for attendees to hear a short discussion on the educational goals of the schools by Superintendent Heuer, a brief presentation by the Master Planning Team, and legos, lots and lots of legos.

While the children attending the meeting got down to the real business of designing the school of the future, their parents and other attendees worked in small groups to develop a set of priorities that would guide the master plan and ensure school facilities that are vibrant centers of community activity.

8 values or priorities were offered for discussion

    • Align Facilities to the Educational Program
    • Environmentally Sustainable
    • Facilities in Need of Repair

      Participants Developing a List of Priorities

    • Financially Sustainable
    • Flexible Solutions (but NOT open classrooms)
    • Historic Preservation
    • Neighborhood Schools and Community Resources
    • Uplifting Spaces

After debate and discussion, the participants had the opportunity to add or subtract from the list and then at the end of the meeting review the ideas developed.  The list of values and priorities was expanded and includes the following:

  • Align Facilities to the Educational Program
  • Balance Historic Preservation with New Construction

    Participants Review Priorities and Values

  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Flexible Solutions (but NOT open classrooms)
  • Globally Connected Schools
  • Include Spaces for Community Education
  • Initial Project Cost is Important
  • Neighborhood Connected Schools
  • Operating Costs
  • Safety and Security
  • Supporting the Arts
  • Supporting Families + Children
  • Supporting Health


"The Red School House"


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