Community Meeting 2 Tomorrow Night

The Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District will hold its second Facility Master Plan Community meeting from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. on Jan. 11 in the Heights High Social Room, located at 13263 Cedar Rd. The District encourages parents, students and members of the community to attend.

District leaders, with Master Facilities Plan architects Fielding Nair International and studioTECHNE, will provide an overview of the District’s educational vision and how the district’s educational vision informs grade configuration, buildings and learning campuses.

Information about PATHWAYS –

Information about P.A.S.S.A.G.E. (Preparing All Students for Success in a Global Economy)





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Angee Shaker, Director of Communications
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One Response to Community Meeting 2 Tomorrow Night

  1. Carol Laursen says:

    Thanks for the meeting last week. I woke up with some additional ideas that I have since been milling over. The first is about building usage. Several speakers sounded disappointed that there weren’t more options to choose from regarding the assignment of buildings. I thought of a modified blended plan. There could be one High School site with an integrated career prep wing (or a stand-alone near by depending on the budget). Then have two K-8 campuses as seen at Roxboro with separation of the children in an age appropriate way. Each of the middle schools could have two additional feeder grade schools which would maintain walkability for our younger students. This uses seven locations and would free up three properties for other community enhancing projects.

    Also regarding the Coventry property, at least two of the tenants have an educational mission. Clearly that is Lake Erie Ink’s primary goal, but Ensemble theater seems poised to provide art’s based educational opportunities for our students. I have had several conversations with their artistic director, and she is excited about the prospect of working with our students and partnering with the city and school district. We could reintroduce a theater program using their flexible theater space and expertise.

    One other little idea about the overall design. I loved the outdoor spaces shown in the Florida redesign. And while I realize we live in NE Ohio I thought that these outdoor inviting places could be created for the fall and spring with a scaffolding . Then in the winter the scaffolding could be covered with a durable translucent material and this could be used for big muscle play. It would be unheated, but could capture some of the buildings heat while keeping off the snow and allow play on days where outdoor recess isn’t possible.

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