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Planning Team meeting with Seniors

The planning team will be meeting with the senior residents of Cleveland Heights tomorrow at 11:00 at the Heights Rec Center.  We will make a presentation and answer questions about the process and current planning ideas. Advertisements

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Comments made during the Community Meeting

We are in the process of answering questions made during the meeting and posted to this site and the facebook page.  Below is the current list of questions being answered, and comments made during the meeting. CH UH Community Presentation … Continue reading

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Updates to the Meeting Slides

We are correcting a typo on Design B the two middle schools were listed as pre-k -8 and they will be K-8, and the design ideas had a column listed as campuses that has been changed to building.  We apologize … Continue reading

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Community Meeting 3 Presentation Slides

A great deal of information was presented at Wednesday’s Community Meeting.  We have  grouped the slides according to topic. DESIGN IDEAS CH-UH_DesignIdeaA CH-UH_DesignIdeaB CH-UH_DesignIdeas 1-9 HIGH SCHOOL + LEARNING COMMUNITIES CH-UH_High School CH-UH_Learning Communities Grades 1-8 COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT CH-UH_Community Engagement

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Historic Building Renovation

Renovation case studies of three Ohio schools. HO_HistoricSchools_Cornerstone_Wooster HO_HistoricSchools_JonesMiddle HO_HistoricSchools_McDonaldHigh

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Opening the Egg Crate

“Imagine student centered schools that empower students to use technology to take charge of their own learning.” – Arthur Wise Education Week_ End the Tyranny of the Self-Contained Classroom  

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