Community Meeting #3 – Question Response

The questions asked at the community meeting and previously posted here have been organized into categories.  The attached file answers questions in the categories of Planning, Cost|Construction, Reuse|Re-purpose, and Community Engagement.

Community Questions Part 1

We will follow with answers to questions asked regarding Education, Logistics, and Funding.  The questions in these categories are very detailed and require additional time to answer.


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Angee Shaker, Director of Communications
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One Response to Community Meeting #3 – Question Response

  1. Margaret Hall says:

    1. I have noticed that NO ONE has addressed the Pre-School. What will happen to servicing the Special Needs preschool children and the typically developing preschool children. Gearity is not on any of the plans. Would would abandon our youngest students?
    2. We are a inner ring suburb. Our streets are NOT adequate to handle the amount of bus traffic needed for either Plan a or B. Staggering begin and end times would be a logistical nightmare for parents. Parents who drive do not have enough space for safe drop off as it is, with fewer students per site. I also find it very hard to believe that an exta 500-700 bussed students, would as your transportation head stated, not impact the cost of transportation.

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