Why Re-Purpose Gearity

The District’s proposed Facilities Master Plan — Idea “C”– is the latest version of a comprehensive facilities master plan to fully renovate and upgrade all of our buildings, reduce costly excess space, and align the facilities with the District’s vision for the future of education in our community

  • Idea “C” includes the re-purposing of three elementary schools — Fairfax, Noble, and Gearity.
  • Idea “C” would transform the high school into a state-of- the-art facility, create three comprehensive intermediate schools (grades four through eight) on the existing middle school sites — Wiley, Monticello, and Roxboro — and locate four primary schools (grades PK through three) on the remaining elementary school sites of  Roxboro, Canterbury, Oxford, and Boulevard.
  • Idea “C” is the result of considerable community input, which came from numerous meetings and forums.
  • Although Gearity will no longer be used as a school, Idea “C” does include many positive aspects for the City of University Heights.
  1. A Cleveland Heights-University Heights school is maintained in University Heights.  The Wiley building will be fully renovated (an $18.5 million investment that will provide an estimated $225,000 in tax revenue to the city) and transformed into a state-of- the-art intermediate school that will include grades four through eight.  This building will educate more children than are currently being educated in University Heights.
  2. Currently, 170 school-age children attend Gearity from the City of University Heights.  Under plan “C,” the 107 University Heights fourth andfifth graders from Gearity will attend Wiley Intermediate School.
  3. The Board of Education offices and the Transportation and Maintenance Department operations will remain on the Wiley site, thereby preserving significant tax revenue for the City.
  4. The John Carroll University Partnership will continue and expand to the new Canterbury Primary School and Wiley Intermediate School.
  5. A solid plan to repurpose Gearity with a use that is compatible with, and supportive of, the surrounding neighborhood will be in place before voters are asked to approve funding for Idea “C.”
  • It is well understood that families have a passion and pride in their schools and that any school closing is fraught with concerns and unknowns.  We believe that constructing state of the art facilities at Wiley and Canterbury, maintaining Gearity as a vital community hub, and continuing to build a strong educational reputation for the District will offset any potential negative impact to homeowners and the City of University Heights.

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Angee Shaker, Director of Communications
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2 Responses to Why Re-Purpose Gearity

  1. RJ says:

    I understand the idea behind closing Gearity, but I think that the board and those involved in the study are underestimating the psychological effects this will have on University Heights residents and how they view the district. UH residents have long felt disconnected and almost like an afterthought when it comes to the CH-UH district and this seems like an idea that will only widen that chasm between the city and the district. Canterbury really lacks accessibility for students of eastern University Heights, particularly young students.

    I know that this is a discussion that the district had in the Coventry neighborhood a few years back and may need to be repeated in the Noble and Fairfax neighborhoods in the coming months, but in UH it is a little bit different considering the complete lack of other realistic elementary school options in the neighborhood here AND the fact that this is the only elementary school in the city. I almost think that UH residents would rather have a primary school than an intermediate and/or middle school, though that’s just a gut feeling and something I think that the commission should look into.

    My suggestion to the board and the commission would be something I’ve heard and read a few others mention: Perhaps reconsider the kindergarten though 8th grade (K-8) campus plan for Wiley in UH as originally discussed in Option A and Option B. I think that could be something that both sides would benefit from and also give the district some of the choice and flexibility it was looking for when originally suggesting K-8 campuses.

  2. Julie says:

    RJ- Well said – I think these things should be considered. I hated the idea of PK-8 campus, I don’t think it’s developmentally appropriate however- I think it’s the best compromise I have heard so far regarding the concerns of UH residents.
    I take a little issue with UH residents wanting more consideration and wanting to feel part of the collective but in the same breath wanting to distinguish themselves as seperate.
    I thought of an idea myself- if Gearity became the JCU lab school. I don’t know the ins and outs of how these work or can work, but I know they are appealing and would draw in educated people to the area. I Property value and drawing residents into UH versus driving them out seems to be a major concern. ..this idea may be worth looking at and adding to the conversation.

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